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Photo exhibition: Mauerpark 25 years on

Thursday, 17. October 2019 um 11:12

Five photographers, five windows onto the former death strip

25 years after Mauerpark opened, a photo exhibition depicts the new life that has evolved on the site where the Berlin Wall once stood. Gone is the barbed wire and the threat of death; replaced by life and fun – karaoke, street food, artists, street musicians and a flea market.

The common thread connecting the work is the individual way each photographer sees Mauerpark. But not in isolation from the bigger picture and current issues. Who does the park actually belong to, for instance? It calls for a thoughtful, loving, ironic and critical view.

The photographers also document the constant changes the park has had to deal with and how it has responded to engineering work, its popularity with tourists and what local people want from it. The result is a good mix of street photography, urban landscapes, studio photos and documentation that goes beyond the usual clichés.

The exhibition impressively conveys the message that culture needs an open space that embraces diversity and that Mauerpark is a unique privilege for Berlin.

Hartmut Bräunlich
Thomas Henk Henkel
Peter Kagerer
Friederike Kronauer
Alexander Puell

Vernissage: Friday, 8 November 2019 at 7.00 pm
Exhibition: Sunday, 10 November 2019, 10.00 am  – 6.00 pm

Where: Mauersegler, Bernauer Str. 63-64, 13555 Berlin

Powered by Kulturgemeinschaft Mauerpark

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Loving the park, cleaning it up

Tuesday, 17. September 2019 um 10:21

We all love Mauerpark.

But are you really feeling the love?

Truly, madly, deeply?

Come and join us for a love-in on Sunday, 22 September. We are going to give Mauerpark a deep clean to show how much we care. Whether you live in Berlin or are just visiting, come and join the clean-up afternoon we are organising with the Kulturgemeinschaft Mauerpark and wirBerlin. It is a great way to meet other Mauerpark lovers and promises to be fun!

Date: Sunday 22nd, 3.00 – 5.00 pm
Meeting point: Our information stand, on the field, opposite the karaoke amphitheatre

More info:

Foto: Peter Kagerer

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The Fête de la Musique is back in Mauerpark

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 um 15:41

Berlin Street Music and Save Mauerpark are hosting the Fête de la Musique in Mauerpark on 21. June:

16:00 Legendary Strawberry Man
17:00 Stephen Paul Taylor
18:00 12Volt
19:00 Beranger

The cultural iniatives actively promote music in Mauerpark. But reducing noise levels for local residents is also important to them, which is why they will be collecting donations for acoustic shells, which absorb sound.

Further information:

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Peaceful Walpurgis Night celebrations cancelled

Friday, 12. April 2019 um 14:14

For the last 15 years Mauerpark has enjoyed peaceful celebrations to dance in the May. This was made possible by the hard work and commitment of artists and neighbours. This year, the celebrations have been cancelled as a result of complaints by residents.

After so many years, the excellent collaboration between Pankow Council, the police and volunteers has come to an abrupt end. Pankow Council and the police are no longer willing to turn a blind eye to these peaceful and uncommercial celebrations in their established form and time frame.

Fearing possible complaints from residents, the police have announced tough conditions and restrictions for the celebrations. The Peaceful Walpurgis Night team has therefore pulled out of any further involvement. It cannot see how it will be possible to guarantee peaceful and creative celebrations in Mauerpark without music.

Mauerpark had become a magnet on Walpurgis Night for “young rioters,” who came from all over Germany to pick a fight with the forces of law and order. The peaceful celebrations were initiated by residents in 2004 as a creative response to this – a response that worked for 15 years. Now a group of residents trying to prevent any kind of “noise” in Mauerpark have put an end to it. The team regrets this development and calls for more appreciation and support from the authorities and the other residents.

The Peaceful Walpurgis Night team will dance in the May elsewhere. It will hold its own private party without having to deal with constraints and restrictions. What happens in Mauerpark and how the residents deal with it remains to be seen. One thing is certain: the Peaceful Walpurgis Night team will not be able to influence it.

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Public hearing about Mauerpark Karaoke

Monday, 25. March 2019 um 09:26

Karaoke in Mauerpark has been the subject of extensive media coverage recently. The department responsible for environmental matters and nature conservation at Pankow Borough Council is holding a public hearing at which residents who feel disturbed by noise from the park will be able to have their say. Pankow Council will then take a decision on granting permits for the Sunday karaoke.

When: Wednesday, 3 April 2019 from 6.30 to 8.00 pm
Where: BVV-Saal, Haus 7, Fröbelstr. 17, 10405 Berlin

The hearing is open to the public.

For further information (in German) go to:

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Mauerpark Round Table No. 3 at Rathaus Pankow

Saturday, 26. January 2019 um 13:30

Tuesday, 29.01.2019, 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Rathaus Pankow, Breite Strasse 24A-26, 13187 Berlin
in the Grosser Saal

Pankow Council has convened the third meeting of the Mauerpark Round Table on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at 5:30 pm in the Grosser Saal of the Town Hall, Rathaus Pankow, Breite Strasse 24-26, 13187 Berlin.

As agreed at the first two sessions of the Round Table, this meeting will now debate the possibility of updating the existing park regulations, designating functional areas for different uses in the park, and deploying park rangers.

The aim of the third Round Table is to find a sustainable solution that is acceptable to all stakeholders and to define possible ways forward that will enable local residents and the artists using the park to get on well together.

A range of people is expected to attend: representatives of the local council, of civil society, the public administration and business. The Mayor of Pankow, Sören Benn (Die Linke party), will also be there. The meeting has been organised by the newly established Büro für Bürgerbeteiligung (Public Participation Office).

For minutes of the first two meetings, please go to:

Information on the initiators of the Mauerpark Round Table:

Appeal by the Freunde des Mauerparks:

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Mauerpark

Monday, 31. December 2018 um 09:32


2018 was a turbulent year for the Mauerpark and 2019 will no doubt also have a few surprises in store.

We have just one request to everyone who is thinking of coming to the Mauerpark to see in the New Year:

Please spare a thought for the wildlife in the park and celebrate without bangers and rockets. A lot of animals live in the Mauerpark and the noise, smoke and flashes of fireworks are terrifying for them. The park is one of the very few safe places for them to seek refuge in the city. Please don’t destroy that for them.

And think of your fellow human beings too! They are not an appropriate target for home-made rockets or bangers. Have a great party and enjoy yourselves but please do not overestimate your skills in handling the fireworks. Remember they can cause serious injury – to you and others.

Please don’t litter the park. Take your empty packaging, bottles and glasses home with you.

Our motto for 2019 remains the same: Respect for one another and commitment to taking care of this precious open space in our city.

The Friends of the Mauerpark wish you fun on New Year’s Eve and all the best for 2019!

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Demonstration at Mauerpark: “Music connects!”

Saturday, 15. September 2018 um 09:30

For many years now, Mauerpark has been a popular meeting place on Sundays for local people, visitors, artists and street musicians. The flea market and karaoke are key features, but it is the street musicians who play a major part in the character of Mauerpark Sundays.

For several weeks now, musicians who have been able to play undisturbed for years have had to put up with residents reporting them to the police, in some cases resulting in them being charged with public nuisance offences and having their equipment confiscated.

A number of visitors to Mauerpark, local residents, and musicians have got together to work creatively and constructively. To draw attention to the situation, they invite you to join them at a demonstration on Sunday in Mauerpark under the banner “Music connects!”


Sunday 14.10.2018 – 2 o’clock
At Mauerpark

More Info:


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