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Ladyfest Abschlusspicknick / Picnic

von | 03.08.2007 | Allgemein, Termine


Sonntag 5. August – 12-16 Uhr – Ladyfest Picnic

Ladyfest Abschlusspicknick / Picnic @ Mauerpark
ab 12.00 Uhr / from 12 o’clock on

Bringt Euer Picknick mit!
Bring a dish of something yummy!

Mauerpark – Regenbogenspielplatz – Kulturpflanzen
spontanously graffitti-spraying and acrobarik workshop !

Asaf, eine queere Nicht-Lady, zeigt ein paar Akrobatik-Tricks während des Picknicks im Mauerpark. Bequeme Kleidung wär günstig. Offen für alle.
Asaf, a queer non-lady, is gonna show you some acrobatic during the picnic in the Mauerpark. Comfortable clothes recomendable. Open for everyone

Sprühworkshop mit Jule und Nancy
während des Picknicks ab 13 Uhr. dosen werden gestellt.vorlagen sind willkommen. eine spende ab 3euro wäre super, zwecks kostendeckung
during the ladyfest picnic at 1pm. spray cans available, samples welcome. donation about 3 Euro for the material would be great

Ladyfest is a non-profit volunteer run DIY festival of music, art, performance and workshops organised and orchestrated by feminist
activists, artists and musicians of various genders. It helps to showcase the skills and talents of a diverse group of groundbreaking
feminist people working in the arts, community building and activism. It is a PARTICIPATORY festival, a community festival.
We take on the idea of the first ladyfests of „empowering the presence of women in the arts“ and we try to take it further, outside the binary
gender system; towards the „future of feminism“.
We are going to have lots of lovely workshops, movie screenings, concerts, parties, vokues, a picnic and a sleep-over. Swarm by!