In recent years, Mauerpark has become an international destination for spontaneous, cultural activities for many artists from around the world. So that Mauerpark can remain such a site, we ask for mutual consideration and respect for one another.

Playing music is allowed only in designated areas of Mauerpark, as long as it does not unreasonably disturb residents and other park users.

Out of respect for local residents, playing music is not allowed between 8 pm (June-August, 9 pm) and 8 am.

Whether and to what extent unreasonable playing occurs in an individual case is based on the guidelines for street musicians. Commercial events are, by law, not permitted. An official exemption can be requested through the Pankow Civil Engineering and Landscape Planning Department (Tiefbau- und Landschaftsplanungsamt Pankow). If you have further questions regarding your musical projects, the Mauerpark cooperation partners are here to help.


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