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New Year’s Eve celebration in Mauerpark

by | 29.12.2023 | Events

2023 was a year when we ran a number of successful campaigns and activities for the park and the neighbourhood. They include a pilot project on awareness in Mauerpark, annual World Clean-up Day, Peaceful Walpurgis Night and our participation in the city’s Network of Warmth, when we opened our doors Friday lunchtimes and welcomed people looking for a nice hot bowl of soup and some company.

The aim of our activities is to improve social interaction in the park and make it a meeting place that is free and safe for everyone. We need your active support to enable us to preserve Mauerpark in the future as the unique space it has become.

So, once again this New Year, we ask you and your friends to be considerate towards the people who live near the park and towards the flora and fauna who live in it. Please do not set off fireworks – especially firecrackers – in Mauerpark.

Our park is not only a place for people to relax and have fun together, it is also home to many animals and plants. The loud noises of the firecrackers and dazzling lights from the fireworks are extremely stressful for wildlife. By not using fireworks in Mauerpark, you will be making a valuable contribution to protecting our environment, preventing creation of garbage and waste of resources and, last but not least, you will be showing that you care.

Thank you for your understanding. Joining forces will enable us all to enjoy a positive start to the New Year.

Happy New Year!