Freunde des Mauerparks e.V.

A party for the entire Mauerpark family

by | 23.08.2020 | Bürgerwerkstatt, Events

Freunde des Mauerparks e.V. and Zug der Liebe e.V. would like to invite their supporters, Mauerpark neighbours, and Berliners and their guests to come and get to know the new Mauerpark.

A total of 25 associations and initiatives will be there with information stands. We will be giving guided tours to offer visitors a glimpse of some of Mauerpark’s special features – new and old. We hope this will provide the opportunity to get into conversation with as many people as possible. There will be a Speakers Corner where you can listen to short speeches and interviews with people who personally experienced the different phases of Mauerpark’s creation.

Venue: The multi-functional space in Mauerpark (near the entrance on Eberswalder Strasse)
Time: Saturday, 29 August 2020 from 3.00 to 7.00 pm.

Organisations present:
Freunde des Mauerparks e.V., Bürgerverein Gleimviertel e.V., Bürgersteig e.V., Quartiersmanagement Brunnenviertel, Brunnenviertel e.V., Olof Palme Zentrum, brunnen-Magazin, Geschichtscafé „anno erzählt“, Mauergarten e.V., Petanquistan e.V., Flying Tippler, Mein4tel, Hauptstadtmenschen, Bürgerinitiative Jahnsportpark, Bürgerinitiative Rudolf Mosse, Bürgerinitiative SaveMauerpark, Bürgerinitiative Colosseum, MAJA bleibt, Folkwiese, Zug der Liebe e.V., Berliner, Tiertafel e.V., diveRcity, BERLIN MASSIVE, Moabit hilft e.V und Strassenfeger e.V.

The Mauerpark party is being supported by Kulturgemeinschaft Mauerpark, Pankow district council and Grün Berlin.

Information about infection prevention:
Please maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other people and wear a mask if you cannot guarantee this distance. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell. Hand sanitizers will be provided at all key points. Parents should avoid unnecessary contact with other participants and keep an eye on their children at all times. Please keep physical contact with other people to a minimum and stay as much as possible with the same group of people. Compliance with all the hygiene measures will be monitored on the day. We reserve the right to ask anyone not complying with these recommendations to leave the party.

Further information at:
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