Freunde des Mauerparks e.V.

Mauerpark is not a drinks market

by | 03.07.2020 | Commentary, Politics

Freunde des Mauerparks reject out of hand Pankow Public Order Office’s proposal to legalise the sale of alcohol in Mauerpark.

Licensing sales outlets would not solve the problem of illegal sales. On the contrary: it would make things worse. More alcohol is not what is needed to promote harmony and respect in the park. What we do need is for the Public Order Office to do its job: they said themselves that they didn’t bother enforcing the regulations on illegal trading in the park in 2019. They also admitted that they would not be able to carry out checks even if licenses were granted. So that is just leaving the door wide open for further abuse.

There are plenty of opportunities for visitors to get their drinks in the surrounding neighbourhoods or at any of the park’s bars and cafes.  These legal outlets also have toilet facilities and make sure alcohol is not sold to under-age teenagers.

Our response to this crazy idea is an unequivocal no.