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Peaceful Walpurgis Night celebrations canceled

by | 06.04.2020 | General, May Day

Last year we had to unexpectedly cancel the Peaceful Walpurgis Night celebrations because a handful of “concerned” citizens protested against the music and dancing in Mauerpark. And now, a year down the road, a miniscule virus is turning the whole world upside down.

At the moment, we have no way of knowing how  the coronavirus crisis will develop. In consultation with Pankow borough council, we have decided that the current restrictions on gatherings make it impossible to continue to plan this year’s Walpurgis Night celebrations.

Please forgive us Walburga: we are really sorry that we can’t celebrate your feast day again this year. We realise that part of your job description as a patron saint is protecting humankind from plagues and epidemics. Please don’t hold it against us: we promise to celebrate your day in grand style again next year.

With the backing of Pankow borough council, we will carry on the tradition of our Peaceful Walpurgis Night celebrations in Mauerpark in 2021. We are confident that next year’s celebrations will be both peaceful and full of fun with programme of events for all the family, including a camp fire, fire artists and music.

We had no choice this year but to simply thank all the artists and volunteer organisers for all the work they invested in preparing for this year’s celebrations. Our sincere thanks also go Pankow’s district councillors. The resolution they passed is a great support for us going forward.

Terrible though it is, this crisis offers us the opportunity to rethink our priorities: to value those things we simply took for granted and protect them in the future. Public spaces where people can meet and enjoy spontaneous cultural activities are particularly important for an open, healthy society. Mauerpark fulfils that role like no other.

We look forward to the day when we will be able to enjoy Mauerpark again in all its diversity. Until then, stay at home and stay safe and healthy.

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