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Fundraiser for the New Rainbow Has Begun

by | 12.06.2016 | Fundraising, General

Since the autumn of 2015 we have marveled at the ruins of Mauerpark’s rainbow playground, and we have recounted extensively the circumstances of how this special symbol of the Park came to be dismantled.

However, we have channeled the initial outrage over the playground’s destruction into our initiative to turn the end of the old rainbow into the beginning of a new one. Together with the project coordinators, the Parks Department, and the Citizen’s Workshop, we have advanced a plan for a new rainbow in Mauerpark.


The concept for the new rainbow playground is finished, and the start of construction is almost within our reach.

Now we need your support. Every rainbow has a pot of gold—usually at the end. However, in Mauerpark, the pot of gold is at the beginning. Our pot needs filling, and everyone can participate.

Only through your donations is the construction of the rainbow playground possible. Please put a gold coin, a dollar, or a euro in the pot, and help Mauerpark’s dream of a rainbow come true once again.

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