Freunde des Mauerparks e.V.

13th Walpurgis Night in Mauerpark (2016)

by | 29.04.2016 | Events, May Day


For the last 13 years, the organisation Liebet Eure Feinde (Love your Enemy) – with the support of Freunde des Mauerparks e.V., the local authority, numerous artists and residents – have worked to make a Walpurgis Night celebration that is creative and peaceful.

The slogan for the celebrations is quite simple: come and join in!

The following artists and projects are supporting us: Peter & PatTeam-FoxFire CirclesDub der Guten HoffnungJohanna Zeul12 VoltThe OneWoman Company, u.v.m.

Film by Denis Martens – Walpurgisnacht 2013

The police and local authority have given us permission for a supervised fire. Please treat the fire and the fire artists with respect and keep a safe distance. No other fires are allowed to prevent damage to the park’s grass, which is already under stress.

At 7.00 pm we will express our hopes and wishes for peace in the form an interfaith prayer. Everyone of any faith is welcome to join in.

Our celebrations will end at midnight. After 1.00 am, please spare a thought for the people who live near the park and would like to get a good night’s sleep!

We look forward to enjoying a peaceful Walpurgis celebration with you.

Further information at: Mauerpark & Walpurgisnacht